Freddie | growing up too fast!

Freddie was my baby, until Olivia arrived, on his second birthday actually. Suddenly, he seemed to turn from a baby to a little boy overnight, and over the last 6 months has got more and more grown up.  He is 2 and a half now, and so independent.  Wants to do everything by himself. Always trying to keep up with his big sister and brother.

This age is such a tough age to photograph, but I have to admit I really enjoy the challenge.  I know when I take Freddie out for some photographs, there is no point me setting up the perfect scene, placing him in the exact spot where the lighting is perfect, and standing back and asking him to smile sweetly.  It just is not going to happen.  By the time I get to my spot to take the photo, he has long gone!  The best plan is to find an outdoor location that looks nice in photos, with some nice colours to use as a backdrop, and is also interesting and fun for them, just let them explore and follow them around.  I think when I took this photo, we were looking for dinosaurs among the trees!

Just as an aside, I was VERY excited to find some flowers at this location!! Yes, it looks like Spring is almost upon us!  Can’t wait for some nicer weather.



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