How family photographs can make a house YOUR home

As a family photographer, I find that physically displaying work on the walls of my home is so important, not only to make my home LOOK good, but to FEEL good too.

Moving into a new home can be daunting at the best of times. Ensuring that you feel ‘at home’ in your new home is another thing.

Surrounding yourself with beautiful images can be very beneficial; particularly when moving to a more rural area within Northern Ireland. It is important to embrace where you live by making your home as cosy as possible for you and your family and to also allow visitors to feel the same way!

Gorgeous family portrait hanging above the fireplace!

A powerful aspect of family and baby photography is the authenticity of the images themselves. The precious moments a camera can capture and time that you will never get back. So why wouldn’t you display them all over your home? They send out a message that you and your family care and treasure each other and can stimulate the brain, in comparison to an image on a phone or computer.

Family portraits are beautiful pieces that can be displayed anywhere within your home and can positively impact your children’s attitudes.
Your child’s self-esteem can be enhanced by the images of themselves. By you, as a parent, displaying images of your child, you are showing them that you value them and want to be constantly reminded of them, even if they aren’t there, for instance. Knowing they are included within the portraits on the wall will help your child understand that this is THEIR home and where they will have many more happy times (like in the photographs).

Beautiful, fun images of your little one up in their nursery

Here are a few tips on how to maximise the potential of your photographs;

· Select your favourite images. If that’s all of them, then so be it! Does everyone within the photographs look happy? Do the images give off a sense of joy and love? If so, then you’ve selected the right ones.

· Try to select a variation of images, some posed, some natural. You don’t want your home to be covered with modelled images as it may feel more like a studio than a home.

· Display the photographs in areas they will be easily seen. I’m not saying you have to have giant canvases spread on every wall, but just make sure you have enough and a few different sizes so that you can mix and match with your personal décor. Try positioning the more natural images in rooms where you may spend more time relaxing; this can create a soothing atmosphere.

It is so simple to exhibit your photographs, instead of hiding them away in an album you might get out on special occasions.  Have your joyful moments on display for all to see and spread the feel good factor!

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