NI4Kids Family Awards 2015

I just cannot explain in words how amazing and inspirational this event is….I am so honoured to have covered it each year – just a very small selection of the hundreds of photos taken at the City Hall for the NI4Kids Family Awards 2015.

Lisburn_Photographer-001 Lisburn_Photographer-023 Lisburn_Photographer-022 Lisburn_Photographer-021 Lisburn_Photographer-020 Lisburn_Photographer-019 Lisburn_Photographer-018 Lisburn_Photographer-017 Lisburn_Photographer-016 Lisburn_Photographer-015 Lisburn_Photographer-014 Lisburn_Photographer-013 Lisburn_Photographer-012 Lisburn_Photographer-011 Lisburn_Photographer-010 Lisburn_Photographer-009 Lisburn_Photographer-008 Lisburn_Photographer-007 Lisburn_Photographer-006 Lisburn_Photographer-005 Lisburn_Photographer-004 Lisburn_Photographer-003 Lisburn_Photographer-002


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